Fablab - Of Machines, Makers and Inventors

Designer for the price winning recognized book: FabLab, Of Machines, Makers and Inventors

The book gained excellent feedback and already reached a broad audience: Stett Holbrook presented it in Makezine, Tillmann Baumgärtel bespoke it in Die Zeit (high quality German newspaper), Kathrin Ganz wrote a review for Ct’ Hardware Hacks (monthly hardware magazine), and the German Design Council named it ‘Book of the Month’, to name just a few references. Furthermore, the authors Peter Troxler and Sherry Lassiter made it possible that each participant of the Fab9 Conference in Yokohama, Japan.

And in the end: there will be another edition of the book – but not in English, but in Korean! Manse (만세)! Three Korean FabLab experts translated the book and published it with Academy Press in 2014. Keep updates about all events and news concerning the book at the Facebook page – like it, share it, and use it for sharing your own events, talks, films, and thoughts with this FabLab audience, too.