User Centered Design

Technology is about people first, without people there is no need of technology. Nature finds always its way. That’s why strategy need to be based on peoples needs as its core.

UX Design

UX Professional working in the field for over 5 years. Focusing on the end user first

Design Thinking

Workshop moderation with an industry agnostic approach to achieve value in innovative solutions


Understanding the needs of all stakeholders to make a valuable design

Clean & Sleek Design

Minimal design to make communication and purpose easy, friendly and understandable

Motion Design

Motion is part of life. Movement is part of human communications


A loved hobby of mine

My Skills

Prototyping - 90%

90% Complete

User Research - 70%

70% Complete

Moderation - 60%

60% Complete

Visual Design - 90%

90% Complete

Languages - 90%

90% Complete

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