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I am a passionate designer, a polyglot professional, a traveler. I love Fluxus, pretty things, things that move, make noise, colours, a touch of Dada.


  • Name:¬†Camila Lombana
  • Date of birth: 16 September 1984
  • Nationality:¬†Colombian
  • Email: macalom@gmail.com


Strategic Designer with emphasis in User Experience Design, innovation, videography, Corporate Identity and Art History. ‚Ä©

M.A in Contextual Art and a M.Sc in Digital Media. Multicultural, and polyglot Professional (Spanish, English, French, German) with strong skills in change management, intercultural sensitivity, team work and value orientation. Leadership, innovative and creative personality.

User Center design is my passion. Finding solutions for a minimal, clean visual communication my challenge



I focus on delivering human centered designs.

2016 / March - PRESENT

SAP - Design and Co-innovation Center

Design Strategist - UX

–¬†Design thinking
–¬†Product innovation
– Co-creation Design

2015 - 2016

SAP - Design and Co-innovation Center

Visual designer - UX specialist

–¬†Design thinking
–¬†Product innovation
– Collaborative Design

2015 - 2015


Design Consultant

– Create and manage the new Corporate Identity.
– Art directed the company’s website.
– Manage digital content and strategy.

2013 - 2015

United Visions

Art Director

– Designed and Launched the United Visions website.
– Developed the CI extension for United Visions (outro animations, Interview looks, Icons, Digital CI)
– Conceptualized films for the Volkswagen Group AG
– Art Directed film and animation concepts with different brands (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda) in international car events such as: IAA, Paris salon de l’automobile, Beijing Auto show.
– Social media internal content management. (Blog, Facebook).

2010 - 2013

DimeB (Digital Media in Education)

Student Research Assistant

– Workshop assistant/ teaching (Tech- Kreative and Eduwear, European Research Group).
– Graphic Designer (Info-attractiv, European Project).
– Interface Designer (Expert Azubi community, European Project).
– Supervisor for the Interactive Installation Der Schwarm.
– Editor

Camila’s headlines always start with “I love….“ She is a creative with genuine heart and soul to her very core. With a love of visualizing and a talent for design she puts her all into everything she creates.

While we recognize a cliché for what it is, it must be said that Camila embodies the best of Latin American aphorisms. She loves her work, she enjoys life with every breath, and transmits her enthusiasm to everyone around her.

She is lovely from the bottom of her heart.

Bernd Nerf / Executive Vice President at United Visions

Camila has a creative enthusiasm in everything she does.
If it is quality and efficient visual results what you are looking for, she is definitely an asset for your team.
Her talent for design is genuine. It has been good to working with her.

Marcus Walsh / COO Exeleadmen

Camila is a creative in every sense of the word: great ideas, a never ending imagination and and flare for the trends, but still knows how to produce exactly what is asked within deadlines.
We worked together on creating the new United Visions website, and she was a great team player. She knew how to use everyone's skills to produce the best possible results. She has passion and commitment and will give her all for a project. She is an amazing art director and I hope we collaborate soon in the future!

Jessica Gastaud / Marketing Executive at Nextperf



My educational background from my last diplomas

2009 /JAN - 2012 /JUL

M.Sc. Digital Media

University of Bremen / Germany

M.Sc Digital Media (Grade: 1,5)

Emphasis in Educational Gaming and sustainable Interface Design.
– Dissertation titled ‚ÄúUser Experience design in the times of globalization‚ÄĚ.
– Interface Designer for “Hello Green”. A Game designed for the Bremer Energy Konses GmbH

Relavant Courses
  • Intercultural Management
  • Design Application Programs
  • E-learning
  • Media Informatics
  • Media Design

2007 / Apr - 2008 / Jun

M.A. Arts and Social Practices

Université Michel de Montaigne / France

Emphasis in contextual art development. Project and exhibition: “intervernir”: Art development within a girls correctional in Colombia.

Relavant Courses
  • Project¬†Management
  • Sociology of Fragile Public
  • Cultural Law
  • Videography
  • Art History



I am absolutely passionate about simple yet sophisticated design tailored to the users' needs.


UX Design

  • Prototype
  • User Centered design
  • Wireframes
  • Mockups


Visual Design

  • Corporate Identity
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • Axure


Design Thinking

  • Workshop Moderation
  • Personas
  • User Journey
  • Ideation



  • Concept
  • Edition
  • Animation
  • Premiere
  • After Effects
  • Photography



  1. Spanish – native
  2. English – bilingual proficiency
  3. French – Full working proficiency
  4. German – Full working proficiency


Fine Arts

  • Contemporary Art
  • Art History
  • Illustration


My last projects



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